Volunteer Background Check Forms

   As a district, we now require background checks for anyone volunteering to work in classrooms, go on field trips, or work in any capacity with students (other than your own). In order to apply to be a volunteer there are forms on the district website you will need to complete, submit, and be approved prior to volunteering. Below is the link to the area of the website containing the documents.
     If the link does not work please go to www.dmschools.org – click on the Departments tab – go to Human Resources – Careers (along the right hand side) – volunteer – then click on the apply button. The forms will be included in there. Don’t worry you are applying to be a volunteer not an employee, it just looks that way.
     If you are more comfortable with the paper application process please see Kathy in the office for the forms, return completed forms to Kathy, and we will send them to the appropriate department.
     If you have any questions please contact us. We are happy to help.
Thank you for understanding the need for this change.